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It's called "The Vanishing Point"

Or at least that's what the kids in class were calling it. A spot said to make a person disappear into thin air the moment they step into it.

My friend and I are amateur occult investigators. We've been to many of these supposed paranormal spots over the years and planned on checking out this spot that makes people vanish.

But something went wrong... 

Occult Case Files is an homage to the point n' clicks on the NES like Uninvited, Shadowgate and Deja-Vu. This demo was made over the course of 2 months and if reception is well we'll go full steam ahead and make it into a fully fledged game (After The Third Shift of course)

Design, Code and Art by Scottie Supple
Music and Sound by Julian Crowhurst
Cover Art Painted by Athan Shields

W,A,S,D or arrows to move cursor
Numbers 1-6 to access your inventory (Or simply clicking with the cursor)
"Shift" to retrigger commands and cycle through or Numpad 1-6 to select commands

Update Log

-Update v1.9-
-I think this one is the one... Sorry for anyone that had trouble before. I'm going to still leave up 1.4 for now until I get confirmation that 1.9 is stable. Thank you.

-Update v1.8-
-Having a completely normal one over here... Issues mentioned before should be in working order. I'm leaving v1.4 up without gamepad support just incase the problem persists.

-Update 1.7-
-For real fixed the keyboard Yes or No issue this time... I hope...

-Update v1.6-
-Fixed an issue on keyboard with Yes and No not being selectable

-Update v1.5-
-Added Gamepad support

-Update v1.4-
-Adjusted Japanese lettering just a bit more
-Set Control key to cycle interactions backwards
-Scanlines turned off as default (Can turn on in Options)

-Update v1.3-
-Fixed misspelt Japanese lettering

-Update v1.2-
-Fixed overlapping and mismatched text for certain items and interactions
-Added Full Screen option to options menu

-Update v1.1-
-Upon getting a "case closed" and starting again, certain items and scenarios remained flagged. This has since been fixed.

Updated 23 days ago
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTeebowah Games
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsFemale Protagonist, Horror, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Pixel Art, Point & Click, secrets, Short
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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Occult Case Files(DemoV1.4Stable).zip 44 MB
Occult Case Files(DemoV1.9GamepadSupport).zip 46 MB

Development log


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I need Moarrr, and btw the 1.9  version is stable in my playthrough, a lot of unused items in inventory, would love to see how the game will developed soon

Investigated a possibly haunted house and got eaten by house flys, 10/10. Seriously tho, really love point and click adventures, and enjoyed this one a lot. The actions menu is a bit tedious, really like it when p&c's just let me click on thing and display my options, so you dont have to move your curser so much, but its not a big issue. I didnt get to complete the investigation before time ran out, but I plan on trying again in the future! Hope you enjoy the video, and look out for a completed investigation in the future! 


I don't usually play games like this, but let me tell you after having such a fun time playing  Occult Case Files  I'm definitely going to look for more like it! I loved the style, I loved the story and I just loved the game haha! Really hope it gets a full version. Keep up the good work!


I don't play MANY games like this but I had such a great time. I did record my reaction if interested!!


Wow, I need more! Visuals, sounds, puzzles, and the scares were all so good!


wow i really enjoyed this! the art looks so cool, the atmosphere is super spooky, and i really liked the timed mechanic of having to get home by 5, it made for a nice challenge. i spent my first playthrough investigating everything and ran out of time lol, but by the second one i got a "to be continued" ending, and im so hyped for the full thing!! keep up the great work dude, its gonna pay off <33

(1 edit) (+1)

Instantly one of my favorite games, it's just so cool! Looking forward to the full game! (didn't encounter any issues btw, so that's good :D)


Great game! It's appropriately spooky and I love the occult premise so far!


It would be cool if I could use the mouse :) looks very nice

"Yes or No" prompts are still bugged. When I pick one, the game fails to progress and softlocks on the screen. (playing on keyboard btw)

(3 edits)

Thanks Dravis, I'll just revert back to v1.4 for now until I find out what the problem is.

Update: I think I've figured out the problem, if you could try 1.9 and let me know if that works for you I'd greatly appreciate it, thanks again!

Hello again, the game seems to work now. I played through it to the end. There was just a small bug that caused the Yes or No question to overlay the text on the last prompt (the one for the note) which I think may have been caused by progressing text too quickly.

I like the game btw, I'd like to see what else comes of it.

Hey, thanks Dravis!

I'll be sure to look into the last bug when I get home from work. But for now, thanks for your help with this and your patience!

(2 edits)

When I updated to the latest version, it always became impossible to progress when there was a choice of "Yes" or "No"... ;_;

(It occurred in toilets and fly boxes.)

Nice game, so I hope the problem is solved!

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Hey! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're looking into fixing it right now!

Update: Turns out when I set everything up for controller I accidently took out certain keyboard controls. It should be good in v1.6, thank you again so much for letting us know!

(1 edit)

Yay! In "1.9", it was possible to proceed from "Yes, No"! 

(I only checked the toilet and the fly box)

Thanks for the fix ;)

Thank you so much for the follow up!


Mac release, please?

We'll try and get it on there, for sure.

Please do! I'll buy it day one. I love these old point and click games like Shadowgate.


Seems very nice, congratz.


For a demo it looks promising for some point and click people but I am not one of them so unfortunately this isn't the game I would spend much time on.


hopefully you make this into a full game can see this  fitting in with something like world of horror 


Pretty spooky game, loved the old timey look to it!

Fantastic game, equal parts nostalgic and spooky. Really reminds me of World of Horror which is, as far as I’m concerned, the highest praise! Looking forward to the rest!

I look forward to the full release. Right now I think I'm just going to show my support by funding.
(Also idk if it's a silent hill reference but very cool still.)


Good game!


Very well done, following!


Hey! I have been trying out a couple of games with a friend recently. We came across your project and really, really liked it. (He played, I sat next to him watching). In case you decide to add different languages to the Options, I can gladly provide you with the german localization! For free, pure refshare and just for fun. I have been working on Industry Idle and Spirit Detective so far - got a bit of air for other things on the side as there is no update coming for those right now. Your concept is great, and I'd love to be a part of making it even greater :P hmu whenever, i am down!


I love the retro point n click horror adventure aspect and can't wait until the full release! 10/10.
Check out my playthrough/review below.


Great game, can't wait for the full release!!


I really enjoyed this game and would encourage the developers to continue with development of it! The controls felt a bit redundant at times, but that didn't interfere with me having a great experience and first impression of the game.  Thank you so much for sharing this game! 

I played this for my YouTube Channel, if you'd like to watch, click here!


i like the concept but the controls were tricky!


Great work with the pixel art, and with the point to click style of horror and over all enjoyed it

This was really good!


Please release the Japanese version!!


Was finally able to give it a go, beat it in my first try ;0 Ayo! And literally at 5PM on the dot! lmao. Good stuff, def did remind me of the Dejavu and Uninvited days that I knew of from childhood on Amiga 


Once I figured out what to do, it was pretty quick, but wow this game looks and plays amazingly! I loved the style, the transitions, the sound, everything! I look forward to the full game! 


I hope the full game comes out soon!

Please finish- would definitely buy this!


long time not feeling like this "love it"


Great work! Pixel art and sound design are amazing. My only criticism, as others have mentioned, is the controls. It would be great to have a controller input, and maybe toggle the comand selection, or make Examine "ON" by default.

We'll be sure to add controller support for sure, thanks!


This was really good. I need the full game as soon as possible. The gameplay was unique and you captured the atmosphere quite well.

Watch video here:

This looks great! Would you consider making a Linux build of the game?

When the time comes, we'll be sure to consider it!


Awesome game!


This was absolutely amazing. I would totally buy a full version of this. Just one feature request though: additional input methods (mouse or controller). Thank you so much for this fantastic experience!


I don't have a lot of experience with point and click games, but I realllly dug this. It reminded me of a short Junji ito story (Which was a good thing) Can't wait to see what happens. I did make a YouTube video on this- hope ya'll enjoy!


Fascinating little demo, it has all the aesthetic and feel it needs to become a very good NES successor!  I definitely would love to see more of this done! Having to manually select options built up a tension I didn't even expect which is great!  

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