Fishing Vacation Deluxe

Hey anyone and everyone!

Scottie here to announce that we've updated Fishing Vacation for Steam!

This update includes a few things:

-Additional art for the endings
-New Super Lameboy Background
-Controller Support
-Fishepedia to keep track of all your catches
-Updated art in a few places
-Bug fixes and grammar corrections
-Achievements for steam

Buying it on itch will give you a steam key! It's on sale now for 1.69, going back to 2.00 at the end of the week. If you're hurting for cash we still have the game jam version which is pretty much the same save for the things listed above. To everyone that have helped make this game the game it is today, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  We hope you enjoy your trip at the lake... Fish on!


Fishing Vacation(Deluxe v1.5).zip 24 MB
Apr 21, 2022

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GameBoy never will be old system! So nice theme decoration!