v1.2 Update

Hello again!

Just pushing another update fixing some more of the bugs folks have found. Thank you so much to everyone that's informed me on whats broken and needed to be fixed!

-Fixed error where the player can leave the cabin without fully exploring the cellar.
-Gave the Lobster a better measurement than just 1 inch.
-Fixed Music reverting back to earlier renditions.
-Fixed Object floating in water to fully disappear when casted at.
-Removed interactable objects in the finale of the cabin.
-Fixed error where you needed to toggle the cellar multiple times in order to open it

I think that does it. Again, sorry if you experienced any of these bugs and it ruined your experience. I hope this fixes all remaining problems and thank you all for your patience and understanding. If you enjoyed the game, please be sure to give it a rating! And if you didn't... please be sure to give it a rating!



Fishing_Vacation_v1.2.zip 24 MB
Mar 06, 2020

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