v1.1 Update

Hey everyone and anyone!

We hope you all have enjoyed the game so far and we apologize if any of you have run into the right shoe fishing glitch. If it was the last catch it would trigger a seperate object with dialogue as well so it would overlap without taking the player out. It should be fixed now.
We have also fixed the music player from overlapping songs, or atleast we're sure we did. If it does it again let us know, or if you find any more bugs or glitches please feel free to hit us up!

Thanks for the help and encouraging words so far, we hope you all can still fish on!



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Mar 02, 2020

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hi I recently downloaded the game which I am in love with but have run into a glitch similar to the right shoe glitch but with the left shoe. Let me know if there is an easy fix to this however I will do my best in the meantime :)

Hey Gabriel! Could you explain a bit more on what happened to you in your game? Was the left shoe caught with your last worm? Are you not able to progress after catching it? Ill be sure to do a quick fix once I've figured out the root of the problem!