1st and 2nd Hour Updates

Greetings anyone and everyone,

Lameboy here, providing a few updates for the latest demo build of The Third Shift: 1st and 2nd Hour!

Here's some things we fixed:

-Fixed cloning issue in the security hallway

-Made the second room in the aquarium gift shop more noticeable

-Fixed glitch with hand cursor going out of bounds

-Fixed body laughter issue

-Added a few more dialogue options

-Added an extra health pick up in the aquarium employee room

-Added boundaries for boundary-less areas

-Blocked off unfinished room

-Fixed issue with player rocketing towards the sky when entering the aquarium

-Fixed dialogue repeating itself within the start of the aquarium

There is one glitch we saw someone encounter, when the lights go out in the body exhibit, it seems the player can sequence jump within the employee halls. If you encounter this, stay inside the employee halls until the electricity puzzle is finished. We are having some trouble replicating this bug but we hope to fix it in the future. If this happens to you please let us know so we can try and fix it. Here's hoping we haven't broken anything in the process of this update.

For those that have played, we hope this fixes any issues you've had. We also hope you're enjoying the game so far! Please let us know what you think, the game is funded by all of your feedback and encouragement. Also, has anyone finished the demo in under an hour?

Thank you all for reading, playing, sharing and caring. It means so much to us.

-Scottie (Lameboy)


The Third Shift: 1st & 2nd Hour(v.1.2).zip 101 MB
Oct 23, 2019
The Third Shift: 1st & 2nd Hour.apk 59 MB
Oct 23, 2019

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