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Fifth in the line up. My first and favorite Game Boy Horror. And fishing horror. So glad I stumbled over the page ages ago.

Hi, I bought this game in a bundle some time ago, so I didn't receive a Steam key, but for some reason when I try to start the game through itch the Steam client starts and promptly tells me that I don't have the configuration for it.

So this game is unplayable for me at the moment.


Hey Karl,

Lemme see if I can get this fixed for you here soon! Sorry for the trouble.


Yes, thank you. Please do.


Hey there Karl,
I've updated the itch version with the steam code removed, let me know if it works ok for you! Thanks!


Yes, working as intended now. Thanks a lot.

Got near the end (I think) where I used the last key to open the basement hatch, but interacting with it gives this error report:




action number 1

of Alarm Event for alarm 0

for object obj_cellar:

Variable <unknown_object>.steam_get_achievement(100223, -2147483648) not set before reading it.

at gml_Object_obj_cellar_Alarm_0


gml_Object_obj_cellar_Alarm_0 (line -1)

ahh good find Karl, I missed that bit of steam code. Ill fix that right up, thanks for bringing that to my attention!

It should be fixed in the latest build Karl, thanks again for bringing that error to my attention. I hope your save is ok when you update.

Can this be played on the analogue pocket?

Hey there Kldolam,

Unfortunately Fishing Vacation wasnt made in GBstudio, so it isnt playable on the analogue or any emulators. Sorry about that!

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Saw this on Neco the Sergal's channel a while back and decided to try it myself. I love your creativity in successfully making a convincing horror experience out of a fishing game, of all things! Between this, Pylons, Third Shift, and Occult Case Files, you clearly have a gift for horror. I'm looking forward to the full releases of the last two, as well.

One very minor gripe is that there doesn't seem to be an option to actually quit the game other than alt-F4. Not really a big deal since it's a "bite-sized" game that can be finished in a single sitting, but just a little thing I noticed.

Is it possible to view achievements in the non-Steam deluxe version, though? They're popping up in-game, but I don't see any option to view them.

EDIT: Never mind, I see that they're viewable in Steam.

Hey there namonakimono!

I appreciate all your kind words, Im glad you like our brand of horror :)

For the quitting of the game, I can most definitely add a "quit game" option! I never even really thought about that haha but its something that should be in there for sure.

Thanks again, and we hope you keep enjoying our games!



Really interesting, love this game!


un juego muy interesante, la estética retro siempre ha sido mi pasión, sin duda alguna este juego es muy entretenido y con una estructura de guion muy bien traída. 


Nice GB graphics really feels fitting in how you managed to create the horror moments, they worked so well with the low graphics. It was fun playing through to get all of the endings, nice to see that small changes really can affect how the vacation went. Though it did take me a minute to realise that while fishing I could move the screen left and right.

This was a lot of fun. I just wish it were available in GB format so that I could put it on my emulators. Please consider it!


really nice game. i wish you could adapt/port this to real gameboy hardware. that would be awesome.

Thank you for saying so. Honestly, I wish I could too. I do think it would be possible, I just need to pick up GBStudio sometime... anyway, thanks for playing!


Hi ! I didn't see the download didn't have the Android version, is there a way to get the full game on android ? 

(Also, any news on a full release of the Third Shift ?)

Love your games, peace !

Hey Remy! Thanks for checking out our game. The deluxe version is windows only, but the game jam version is still android compatible. You'll find it under the demos section on this page.

The Third Shift is coming along smoothly! It shouldn't be too much longer...

Awesome ! Thanks for your answers 🙌🏻

Hello! Could you please update the Steam release of your game? It's still a version 1.7. 

Hey SobakaPeppa! I believe the update has already been pushed! I didn't make an announcement over on steam since it was all just minor grammar issues and some typo fixes. I just figured folks would get tired of my constant updates so I didn't post this time haha 

Don't worry, it's not obnoxious at all. In fact, posting as many detailed updates as possible is important to the understanding of the game's current state. You're not obligated to post updates on every single thing, but there's nothing wrong with that and I'm sure people would appreciate it.

Fair enough! If that's the case then I'll most definitely post a more detailed update log over there then. I appreciate you reaching out and quelling my fears Sobaka, thanks!

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My Gameplay Here! (Ending B)

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about this game. Everyone knows fishing is one of the best parts of most games (so of course the main gameplay is fun) but the HORROR in this! Everything was so beautifully paced. The slow build of dread dotted with those jolting moments of fear was just brilliant. 

And the impossible stuff we pulled out of the lake was just hilarious. 10/10 

Thank you so much for playing!!


An enjoyably creepy romp at the lakeside cabin. If there's ever a sequel or version that's further expanded beyond the Steam upgrade, I'd love a menu with a fish "pokedex". Dig it!

Here's my no-commentary playthrough: 


Hey thanks for playing! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :]

I put a little fish-pedia in the cabin!  It's a book on the coffee table with the dead flower on it, I apologize as it is easy to miss.

Thanks again for giving the game a go!


Honestly since yesterday I have been searching for it and playing it (of course I sleep (-:)


Loved the game, really cool concept and executed really well. That window scare was genuinely great and the endings weren't too hard to get. Took me about 2 hours to get all of them. Highly recommended and can't wait to try your other games

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed


Small bug I found. When you purposely miss the mark for all of your worms in the intro fishing part, the next day, if you try to fish, you'll get the left shoe. Then your friend's dialogue from the intro will start. Your generous friend then gives you an infinite surplus of worms for you to use after you use up the worms you got for yourself. How nice of them! You then can fish endlessly on the first day, which I guess technically makes it a regular fishing game, not that I'm complaining though. If you reload the save file, the bug should go away, just wanted to give a heads up.

Tempted to leave it in there honestly... sounds like a feature to me!

But in all seriousness, thanks for bringing this to our attention, ill be sure to fix it! Also thanks for playing our game.


Fishing Vacation: A Gameboy styled Horror? (FULL GAME) - YouTube

Had a blast with your game, mate. Look forward to playing more of your content.

in the mobile version at the end D the cutscene bugar and the screen gets big. more game and amazing

Thank you for letting us know, we'll be sure to fix that as soon as we can!

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It is a enjoyable game. In fact it is really good. The one aspect I like is that the game starts really calm, laid back and chill then goes into spook zone at day 3. Although it is more annoying trying to catch fish in this game than in animal crossing where I had to cast my line in the same direction the fish was facing and be close enough to get a shot at catching it...

What I find weird is that ending B is nowhere to be found in this game. I'm thinking ending B was probably a cut ending where if you found or caught something to use against the uncle (like a baseball bat or a boxing glove with a horseshoe inside for example) you could fight back against the uncle and can choose 1 of 3 options.

Option 1: Report what tried to kill you (Ending B where you tell the police that someone tried to kill you in a cabin)

Option 2: Hide the body and leave (A variant of Ending A whereas the police leave you inform your friend that you dealt with the uncle yourself)

Option 3: KO your friend, Hide both the uncle and your friend in the cellar and enter infinite overtime (A mode that allows you to get bait and catch worms without the story ending the fun)

I don't know but considering how big that sounds (especially that last option) I can kinda see why ending B is not seen in this game.

Edit: I actually got ending B while playing. Making all the boosh I was talking about ending B nowhere to be found completely wrong. Good job gameplay. You ruined this comment.

Hey SleepyKirby, thanks for playing the game. If I recall correctly, the B ending is gotten by not having all the keys by the end of the game, its one of the more tame/bad endings. 

No problem! It's just that the fishing really hurt my hands while playing because of how much I was button mashing. I was just pressing the arrow keys, A and D like crazy! I almost got carpal tunnel when I finished the game. Also while playing the pallets did not work. Whenever I pressed CTRL the game gave me a error message and then crashed.

I'll be sure to look into that, thank you for bringing that to our attention. Ill also see about making the fishing easier, we havent heard much on that end but we're always happy to make things more accessible. Thanks again for playing!


I have no idea how you're gonna react to this, I just really hope you'll like my take on your character. 

Loved the game and that's my way of expressing the said love!

This is awesome! Thank you for doing this, its all very well written! (More so than the actual game haha!)

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Are there only 4 endings? Also, what happened to our friend in the C ending? Was he replaced by some other entity, transformed, heavily traumatised by something or the Uncle himself possessed/impersonated him?

Yes, A through D are the only endings. Perhaps the C ending can be explained if we ever make a sequel, either way I think its best left unsaid. Thanks for playing.

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So, did the uncle drown himself in order to unite with Sedna and was later ressurected by her, returning as a living corpse?

I will say the uncle is very much alive.

He just becomes a creature similar to Sedna?..

We'd akin him more to a delusional fanboy/henchman.


I had a absolute blast playing this game! Ending A got me real good holy crap my heart is still pounding. The mechanics are great and I love the style of it. Thanks for making such a great game :)

hot food

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Great game, but what's the deal with the player's friend? He is obsessed with fishing, and I mean REALLY obsessed. This guy doesn't have other hobbies outside catching fish? lol!   


LOVED THE GAMEBOY ART STYLE! I have a fish phobia, so there was an extra layer of fear for me! 


I had such a blast with this!! I loved feeling like I was playing my old gameboy again. :)

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Great game. I really liked how the game was made especially since it made me reminisce playing on my Game Boy during my early childhood. Oh right, about the jumpscares! They're great, even though they are simplistic, it clearly shows that they really work as some of them gave me quite a scare! (An example of this is the sudden movement of the crows as they fly to god knows where. I lowkey screamed when i first saw that happen. It was funny, really.)

Overall, it was a great game and I'd like to see you make more games like this.


Awesome game. {[may contain slight spoilers]}, i have spent a couple hours and have achieved every ending. i must say finding all the keys are very very hard. on the last day you may not get enough worms but if you know the correct spot you can get past it fine. the night fishing had me the most trouble. it is extremely difficult to catch the last fish needed as my arm now is officially sore XD. awesome game though

Made a finale


Me and my sis took a look at this, loved the style! Got 3 of the 4(?) endings.


Made a video


I absolutely loved it. It has fantastic atmosphere, is terrifying, has no cheap jumpscares, has great style, lots of detail and is easily one of the best horror games i've played in a LONG time. 

Incredible game, keep making this type of stuff :)


A lot more indepth of a game than I was expecting for a GameJam horror game, damn!


Indepth you say? Pretty fitting for a fishing game! XD

Hi there! Great game, but I stumbled upon a bug.


After getting back from fishing on the third day, instead of trying to open the cellar thanks to the third key, I tried and go out of the house by the main entrance. 
Which I did, only to end up on a black screen, no sound, nothing...

I suppose it wasn't meant to be, and I'm sad I didn't get a proper ending. :'(

If it's of any importance, I went night fishing before Day 3.
Great job otherwise, I'll try and do it over again some time, hopefully without issue. ^^'

Hey omnimos! Thanks for playing. Sorry you ran into that glitch! I didn't account for people not going into the cellar! Haha We'll be sure to fix it, thank you for bringing it to our attention! And you should be able to replay that day from your save hopefully! If not, I apologize. Thanks again!

I loved it, great work!
My favorite things about the game: the music and sounds (I loved how the radio music changes by the end); the crows!; the mythos and how the fish kept getting bigger as you fished them xD

Thanks for playing!! I'll pass along your kind words to our sound guy, they'll appreciate it! And I wonder what was causing the sudden surge in strange and large fish...hmmm.... :)

Great game!! I absolutely loved the atmosphere of the overall game and loved the aesthetics.

Question though- how are players supposed to find the keys? I've been trying it out and watching the playthrough on Youtube, but I can't seem to understand how to find the keys to the cellar...

Thank you!


Most of the keys are acquired by fishing. There's one instance where a "guiding hand" well help you get one. If you're a fan of night fishing and a certain someone gets close enough, they may deem you worthy of a key. And the last one is easy! If you fish all around you'll be a SHOE in for the last key!

Hope that helps!

Found an interesting bug while trying to look for one of the endings not in a playthrough on YouTube. If you leave the cabin after unlocking the cellar hatch but before going inside, you'll be taken to a glitchy version of the cabin with segmented rooms and invisible walls. There doesn't seem to be any escape, and you just walk over the cellar hatch. I guess this can be prevented by having your friend go "Hey! We just opened this thing, there's no leaving just yet!" and stopping you.

Unless, of course, this IS one of the endings, haha.

oh wow, good find!! Haha thanks for bringing that to my attention, I'll be sure to fix that right up.

If you're looking for the "C" ending... you don't HAVE to go night fishing...

Dang, I probably should've tried that myself!


Also, during the final sequence, you can avoid your pursuer by examining an object before he captures you. He'll happily glide past you for a bit before returning, and you can slingshot him around the cabin. I used that opportunity to see if there was anything I missed in that brief chase, but couldn't find anything.

Hahaha thank you for breaking our game and letting us know! Truth be told, this kinda stuff keeps us up at night so it's so helpful to know what needs to be fixed. Thank you so much and consider it fixed!

Aww dude it was great but there is a bug -spoiler alert-

when you find right shoe worms amount downs to -1 I am wondering too much whats in basement :D

Hey batuhan, sorry that happened to you! When you got the right shoe, did it prompt dialogue afterwards? Were you not able to continue on? I'll be sure to fix it right away, I'm just having trouble replicating it.

And you'll have to go down in the basement to find out! So long as it doesn't bug out on you that is!

I encountered the same issue. I caught the right shoe with my last piece of bait and got some text about it. He says to finish fishing for the day and then it just continues on with your bait going into the negative with you unable to leave. :(

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Oh no! Thank you for telling me, I'll be sure to fix that right up!

Update: Thanks for you help! I was able to figure it out! Ill have it patched up in a jiffy! Apparently if the shoe is your last catch with the worms it triggers another object. Thanks again!

It would be nice if there was an option to start at different days so that it'd be easier to replay and see different endings. Other than that, I really liked the game and the story


Thanks for playing TitledEel. Glad you enjoyed what you played. Perhaps I can include an intro skipper in a later update that skips the first day which is basically just a tutorial.

Again, thank you for playing!