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I think the SuperLameboy version is messed, having begun to play it, and looking at Kravin's video, the area when the static begins, no 'cutscene' happens or the camera guy asking me to fix the electricity, entering the maintenance room with the circuit panel, everything seems to be opened, and already-touched, the box isn't ontop of the shelf and is knocked over already as if I was already there - but was never there before, so, it unfinishable. Will try the Lameboy version instead if I can beat it there.

Sorry to hear that! Ill look into it right away!

Sorry to ask but Im having trouble replicating the bug :[ When entering the area after the gift shop, did static appear on your screen?  It seems you've somehow skipped ahead of the game?! Either way, I'll keep looking for a fix. I would suggest possibly reloading the save or giving the lameboy version a try. Again, I'm sorry!

My theory was, and if it was the intentional method of advancing the story, when the static happens (Prior to the stairs that show the wall/pile of bodies and arms sticking out) that the way to progress the story, and have the camera guys' face appear and advance the story, is that you have to Stand there in the heavy static int he hallway until the power goes out for the story to progress? That's at least what I'm feeling it is. Otherwise, by normal playthrough on the super lameboy, I simply walked across the hallway repeatedly, to the electric room, break room, there and back again as if I was never notified by the camera man that the power went out.

And yes, there is static after the gift shop in that hallway, just it never initiated that 'Cutscene' with the oldman telling me the power went out, I could freely just go back and forth in 'Grand 3,4,5 and 6' without that scripted moment happening. It wasn't until I stood still for 10-15 seconds until he told me it went down.

That is crazy, having to stand still made it work?! Very interesting... 

I'll peel back the magic curtain and explain. So when you walk into grand 4, theres an invisible bar that changes its position at the start of the room randomly. Once you walk into the bar it sets off the power outage.  I cant even begin to think why it wouldn't work for you... I've got it programmed now that if you try to access Grand 5 without the event being triggered, it should instead take you to the power outage cutscene as a sort of fail-safe. But man, that's a head-scratcher for sure.

Thank you so much for sticking with it and helping me (hopefully) fix this! I really appreciate it. I hope you still enjoyed the game, save for all the technical difficulties :] 

Oh of course, I have high praise waiting in my video series I'll be releasing slowly :P Well, one theory I'll have is whether or not you'd think that my monitor having a high framerate / hz of 120-144 could be making it so certain frames are skipped? I know many RPGMaker games are 'sped up' or things just get wonky if the code in certain engines, sort of have a failsafe against various computer types that correlate with hz/fps's that are really high. Otherwise, that 'fix' sounds like it should be good, my gameplay, I believe part 2 or 3 when I release it, will show what I did and what happened and didn't happen.


Cool! I look forward to watching your videos! And I think your theory is probably correct. That might also explain why the dialogue boxes can be skipped so quickly. Hopefully this patch coming up addresses and fixes all the problems. Thank you again for your help!

Just wanted to say that I loved the demo, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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