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I don't mean to be rude, but how did you go from planning to release this in February of 2022, to not even having a release date in sight a year and a half later? I get that life gets in the way, but whatever happened was a massive setback. Hope all is well.

Hey Yardbomb,

While I will say your message may come off as rude to some, I can tell that odds are you may be coming from a place of excitement for the game. I truly appreciate your patience.

Heres a list of things that have set us back:

-Family/Friends/Social life

-Full time job

-Solo development in spare time (This is just me with Julian helping with music and sound)

-Other projects (some behind the scenes and some not)

-Mental Health/physical health

-Scope Creep/ Perfectionist

In the end, I'm making this game for myself. I started it back in 2012, so ive been waiting a long time for this to come to a finish too. Believe me, if anyones upset about the amount of time that this game has taken, its me. I will surely never see my time compensated fully for the amount I put in this project, and to me thats perfectly fine. I dont make games for the money.

Have a good one.



You've done an incredible job as a Solo dev. Especially more so when working a fulltime job. This project is so unique and amazing, seriously. I've been excitedly waiting for the full release on Steam. I'm actually about to play the demo again, that's how I just stumbled upon this comment / your reply. Seriously though, you don't owe ANYONE an explanation as to what is taking up your time. Keep that head up. 

Thanks for the kind and encouraging words GlassApexx!

Is there no way to fullscreen

At the moment, no. Development began as a smartphone app, but towards release we will implement a full screen option.

reminds me of vita carnis


Is the full version still coming out? Any updates on getting a playable rom version or physical cartridge?


Llooking forward to the full release! Think we can expect it before the end of the year? :D

Hey Poils, thanks for saying so! We took a small break away from TTS for a bit, but now we're back at it. If all goes well, it should be this year! We'll keep things updated, thank you for inquiring :]

new update?




Really cool game, awesome job. I haven't been captivated by a horror game in quite some time like that. It was really cool exploring everything, and the setting and graphics are excellent. I played it all from start to finish in about 1h30 and spent another 30 minutes trying to figure out the boss.

Some constructive feedback is that finding the pumps and resetting them was incredibly frustrating without pointers since it's easy to get turned around from the room layouts, and I knew the concept of the boss fight with the environment but I didn't know you could move your hands left and right to dodge in the 2nd phase until like 20 tries later. Having a slightly faster walking speed or stamina that recharges would greatly aid the pacing as well.

Hey Gingerayyle, thanks for the feedback and glad to hear you enjoyed it. 

I think you'll be satisfied with the final build of the game. We've now set it so the stamina replenishes a certain amount after a set period of time. Going forward with map layout and direction of later exhibits, we've made things more accessible and easier to gauge where to go, as well as gone back to the aquarium to make it a bit easier to navigate and find the pumps. (A dedicated map will also help alleviate this)

As for the Bertha fight, we've added a few bits of info to help figure it out what to do with her. So hopefully it'll be a little easier to understand what to do.

Thanks again for playing and letting us know what you think, it is very helpful!




Is a February release still on the table?? >.>


Unfortunately not, we still need just a bit more time to wrap everything up and get it fully tested, but it WILL be within the near future. The February release date was a good deadline to help us get closer to the finish line though. We'll be posting more updates over on twitter @thethirdshiftgb here soon... Thank you for your patience and thank you for your inquiry.

it will be a catridge version?


We plan to release a "Physical Package" that will come packed with goodies like an original gameboy game but getting an actual playable cartridge wont be feasible at this time unfortunately 


Is this game still in development?


It is! We're in the process of wrapping it up at the moment, here's hoping it doesn't take much longer. Thanks for the inquiry and patience.

I'm intrigued in this game due to the gameplay as well as the pixel graphics. Here are some issues I've experienced:

My phone has Android 11, 1440 x 3120 screen with 19.5:9 ratio. I get a prompt "This app was built for an older version of Android" when launching the game. It also doesn't scale properly on my phone. Some texts are illegible due to the poor pixel count.

I hope you could add support for gamepad on phone and let the player hide the touch buttons, thus go fullscreen.

Wish to see a completed version in the future.

Thank you for the feedback. We'll be looking into more recent android versions in the future as well as fitting as many resolutions as we can!


Despite the flaw of having a stamina mechanic where you can only run for so long before having to find a water fountain or a bottle of water the game is really good! I played this after fishing vacation and was really enjoying myself! It even had some moments that actually scared me! Something that when I played fishing vacation did not occur! Not to mention the aquarium! Oh my goodness it looked beautiful! Even for a gameboy styled environment! It is up there with blather's aquarium in animal crossing new horizons for best aquariums in gaming ever! Not only does it also have that one fish can obscure the entire view in the tunnel (Kinda rare for me to see since I only saw it once when I played the game.) but it also has a timed section upon fixing all 4 pipes! In which you have 3 minutes to navigate a maze and flip 4 levers! Only I had to walk because I was out of stamina which kinda ruined the moment. But at least it ends with a boss fight against a fish! And it is actually really good! Since you have to use the environment to take it out!

To be real I died 5 times while playing. 2 where from the shark with a failed dodge and trying to feed it chum on the crossing area, 1 was from one of the entities I had to avoid and 2 where from the boss with a failed getaway and dodge.

However when I press CTRL it changes the lameboy just fine but when I press ALT the game crashes. Why?

Hey Sleepkirby, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

While this is just a demo, there are somethings we've changed since. We've added a buffer for stamina so when its depleted, after a certain time a quarter of it is replenished. So hopefully that helps once its released.

As for the crashing i'm not entirely sure why its doing that for you. On the lameboy itself theres knobs at the bottom right that also changes the colors so I suggest trying those. If you could tell me your OS and some of your specs I might be able to narrow it down, but as of right now I have no idea why it wouldnt be working for you. Thanks for trying the game!

Well I was playing fishing vacation and the third shift using windows 10. As such the only filter I could use was the green one. All other filters resulted in a crash.

Unfortunately that doesn't narrow it down much, but ill still look into it. Thanks!

Thoroughly enjoyed Fishing Vacation, so I gave this one a try.
Was quite enjoying it but I stumbled unto a bug that prevents me from going further.
After Daniel asked me to check the back of the Anatomy Exhibition and wandered around a bit, I went back and saved my game in the Security Office. The problem now is that when I come back out and try to climb upstairs, nothing happens when I hit the space bar. Both stairs don't seem to recognize the input and therefore I can't progress further in the game.
I tried quitting the game and reloading my save with the same effect unfortunately.
I'm playing on Windows with the v1.6 of the Lameboy Pocket version.
Can you please help?

Hey there Omnimos.

Thanks for trying out the game! Thats an interesting glitch. From what you said I gather you mean the stairs in the main lobby? The only thing I can think off the top of my head is that you might need to lock the front door again as the sequence mightve gotten messed up by going back to security. Other than that ill have to look into the glitch myself. Thanks for messaging!

Hello again, and thanks for answering so quickly!

As a follow-up, I went back to the main entrance and tried to interact with the front door. Unfortunately, the result seems to be the same as with the stairs: the prompt for hitting the A button appears at the bottom right of the screen, but I can't actually interact with it.

I can observe the coin flattener next to it though (not that it's a particular comfort in this situation).
So, yeah, I guess I'll restart the game altogether.

Thanks again for your quick response and keep up the good work!

this is still one of very few good projects on this website, in my opinion. keep up the good work. i'd gladly pay for the full game, personally.

Thank you for the kind words Yardbomb, we're still keeping at it and its your support that helps up keep going.

I've been following the development of this game for a while and I'm super interested! Will you be releasing a macOS and/or iOS version?

Thank you for the interest! The plan is to release it for Android and iOS when the time comes. For iOS we usually wait till the end as I dont personally have the resources for that, for android its a bit easier to have a build up and running without having to deal with storefronts and what not. We hope to have something to share here soon!

Deleted 117 days ago

We try to post a new screenshot every other saturday over on twitter @TheThirdShiftGB if youd like to follow. Other than that, we're still working on it! Its around 70% done to give you a better idea. Thanks for asking!

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Damn that was awesome! As someone who's always been disturbed while also intrigued by museums/aquariums/zoos/EPCOT, this is my type of shit, GOOD shit. If you're still working on it, I do hope you'll signpost things a bit better in the future though, I didn't figure out I could move my hands to the edge of the screen to look around in some first person views until about an hour in, and that especially made the end of the Bertha chase frustrating, dying and having to restart from the slow bugged out logo opening. Another great addition would be if you could carry bottles of water with you. I didn't touch a single one in the demo because I wasn't sure if my guy would drink them instantly like with the ibuprofen or take them with him in his inventory, so if carrying bottle is already a thing, a better text description would go a long way. Overall though, I'm very interested to see where this goes, given that you're still working on it.

Hey there, thanks for playing! This feedback is wonderful, were always happy to hear what folks honestly think. We're still hard at work, and are more than happy to make the game more accessible. The demo boss fight most definitely needs more cues on what to do, so we'll be sure to address that in the full release. We'll most certainly consider having bottles be collectable, as well as Ibuprofen. Again, thank you so much for the feedback. Its very helpful for our small team! We hope youll be able to play the full game soon.

Hello, i found the resolution problem or a bug, yesterday when i downloaded The Third Shift game on "Android" and opened it, it showed me only a screen but it cant show me the buttons, sure, i can reset somehow but i cant play, i tried to fix the problem by redownloading the game but it didnt work, please fix it if you can. (Sorry for the bad english)

Hey there, thanks for letting me know! A quick question for you, what type of phone is it? And I you could screenshot it and show me itd be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time.

(1 edit) (+1)(-1)

My phone is samsung galaxy J6 and this is what happened 

Deleted 3 years ago

It has been fixed! Thank you so much for letting us know this, we're deeply sorry you had to experience it. We hope you enjoy, and let us know if what you think.


make third shift 2

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I've downloaded it yesterday to my android and had such a great time! Awesome game so far! The camera views are a very clever idea and the music hits nostalgia hard! VERY VERY GOOD!

Hi! First off, I'd like to say that I love this game so far and am very excited to see where it goes in the future! But I seem to have found a bug. On a new game, I played through until just after the scene where the power goes out and you get the employee key, then I accidentally closed the game. The last time I saved was before the power outage scene, so I had to do that part again. But when I went to fix the broken cord, it wasn't there. When I went to the break room for the replacement, the replacement wasn't there either, and I didn't seem to already have it in my inventory. It was like the game thought I already got the replacement when I hadn't yet. I started a new file and got back to that point again hoping that would fix it, but it still happened. I'm not sure what's going on here.

That is quite the bug! Thank you for sharing that with us. I cant even begin to think why that'd happen. May I ask, were you playing on PC or Android? Thank you again for informing us and we'll get to fixing it right away!

I was playing on PC. Also, I should correct myself, I didn't close the game on accident, I went back to the title screen on accident. Thanks for the reply!


Oh, right on! Thank you so much for clearing that up. What happened was one of the objects was set to persistent so it carried over to your new game. You had me worried when you said the game was closed out and it still happened, I was flabbergasted haha. I'm incredibly sorry that happened to you though, I'll be pushing a new update here soon that fixes it (hopefully without breaking anything in the process XS) Thanks again for your help!


And part 2 is complete! Can not wait to see what you all do with the finished project for this game. I was so sad when I got to the “end” of the game!


Absolutely love Fishing Vacation and I’m so glad you let me know about this game in my comments on YouTube!! Had such a blast with this first part and loved the atmosphere of the whole museum! Please keep it going!! :)

Hi there I love the game and the visuals are so nostalgic. I am however stuck on a puzzle that I can not seem to solve. With the countdown to reboot the unit. Is there a step that I missed to make it easier to find? I am so sorry for the trouble, it’s a great game though over all!

Hey Thekenken, so with all 4 of the pumps calibrated and the countdown starting, you're gonna head down below into the basement/pump room. It should be cleared of all the steam! Once you're there you'll get to the pump hub which consists of 6 rooms. There you'll be able to listen to the alarm get softer or louder depending on how close you are. It's just one area you need to access within the main pump hub. Hope this helps! Towards the end of development we'll be sure to implement a map :)


thank you so much! I can’t wait for the full game! Wishing you all the best!


My fiancé and I loved this game so much! We're so excited to play more of it!


I love the storyline of your game! Hope you will release the full version! :


As someone who actually visited the "human bodies" science exhibit and saw a lot of the Plasticine/chopped up bodies/organ systems it was so incredibly spooky to see a horror game inspired by it. Love the execution and hope for more! 


I hope this project is still in development, it would make an amazing release on GOG and Steam. Takes true craftsmanship to maintain the atmosphere using creative constraints like this.


Very rarely do I find a game that is as refreshing, original and interesting as this one. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I hope to see more in the near future.

Ah, thank you so much! We hope to have something for you in the near future :)

Deleted post

Hey SneakyBoy, thank you for trying our demo! And thank you for the encouraging words!

In regards to your question, an iPhone and Mac version are planned! We just usually save all the Apple stuff for towards the end of development. Android is just easier for me to do quick testing for mobile.

Again, thank you for your kind words and we hope you look forward to the final release!


I loved the first hour and waited for my next chance to once again walk the halls of the museum! I am super excited to play more of this, I loved the art the sounds the story line! This game has just been amazing.

Looking forward to the other parts, thanks for playing and for your kind words Captain!


That was amazing, I need more.

Haha thank you, heres hoping you dont have to wait too long!


Good to be able to get back to playing this game, it's literally been exactly 1 year since I last played this ;o

Yes! Happy youre playing it man, sorry the game is taking so long haha. Also sorry that your save data didnt carry over :( from the looks of it, you'll definetly be able to get it finished in under an hour, excited to see what you think of the ending! Thanks for giving it a go!

No need to apologize about the whole save thing, the 2 demos combined for those who aren't thorough, isn't necessarily long so it wasn't too big a hassle to zoom by things, just trying to remember 'all the things I did in the process' on my way back to the end was nostalgic a tad. Not a problem in any sort :P Can't wait for the full thing.

After fixing the 2nd Pump in the aquarium area, I honestly got lost and unsure where to go, Steam was blocking every path that I felt existed. Not sure if I just didn't see the pathway I needed to go or if a steamed-pathway didn't stop being full of steam, I also grabbed a bucket of grub that I think was the wrong one (One for the piranhas instead?) and threw it in Bertha's water with nothing happening - any tips if I'm just missing where I'm meant to go? Or if throwing the wrong bait in the water messed everything up?

(1 edit)

So in the gift shop of the aquarium theres a 2nd room with a "back warehouse" that will lead you to a different area with the 3rd pump. Throwing the chum in Berthas water is the correct thing to do! So i'd say go snooping around the aquarium gift shop ;]

In the next update I'll add more visual clues on where to go because it seems to stump a lot of people. Plus having a working map might be nice too haha.

I'd imagine it like, the old man watching you can turn to look at not just your inventory/health as he does at the start, but also the little box by the TV shows a square-pixel style map of sorts. 

Also, so wait, what happens if I feed the Food that's in the barricaded-door fridge vs the Chest-storage-unit cooler? Since there's 2 places to fill the bucket? Which is right and wrong ;o and what happens if I fill it with the wrong one or such?

So if you hit the start button/ "M" it brings up a rudimentary map, it just doesnt show your exact location. Thats something I wanna finish later on, but I also wanted to have the museum have enough visual clues that a map wouldnt be entirely necessary. I'm gonna update the gift shop with better clues here soon!

Chum-wise, the freezer door near berthas dumping point was put there just incase someone went all the way there but didnt get the chum near the piranhas. That way they wouldnt have to go all the way back. So theres no difference between fish guts! Not sure if you know this but theres another creature that likes chum in the aquarium ;)

Lemme know if you have any more questions during the playthrough! Always happy to help.


It's so much fun and has genuinely creepy atmosphere . All of it brings back so much nostalgia in different ways. I was bummed when the demo ended but I'm excited for the full game!

Sorry it bummed you out :( but glad you're excited! :D We'll give it our all!

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What an amazing game with subtle eerie unshakable details through-out. Brings me back to games that had descriptions of nearly everything and little hidden details that make one wonder- "Was this like that before...?" Amazing game with a great atmosphere. Can't wait to play the full version, thank you for this awesome piece.

Thank you for your kind words! It makes me that much more motivated to keep going. Here's hoping you enjoy the full release!


Stoked for the full release!

Happy to hear :] We'll try our best!

I am super stoked for the full game ;o

Great video! Glad to see you were picking up what I was putting down game-wise. Looking forward to the other parts! :]

Glad you enjoyed and hope you continue to! :D

I think the SuperLameboy version is messed, having begun to play it, and looking at Kravin's video, the area when the static begins, no 'cutscene' happens or the camera guy asking me to fix the electricity, entering the maintenance room with the circuit panel, everything seems to be opened, and already-touched, the box isn't ontop of the shelf and is knocked over already as if I was already there - but was never there before, so, it unfinishable. Will try the Lameboy version instead if I can beat it there.

Sorry to hear that! Ill look into it right away!

Sorry to ask but Im having trouble replicating the bug :[ When entering the area after the gift shop, did static appear on your screen?  It seems you've somehow skipped ahead of the game?! Either way, I'll keep looking for a fix. I would suggest possibly reloading the save or giving the lameboy version a try. Again, I'm sorry!

My theory was, and if it was the intentional method of advancing the story, when the static happens (Prior to the stairs that show the wall/pile of bodies and arms sticking out) that the way to progress the story, and have the camera guys' face appear and advance the story, is that you have to Stand there in the heavy static int he hallway until the power goes out for the story to progress? That's at least what I'm feeling it is. Otherwise, by normal playthrough on the super lameboy, I simply walked across the hallway repeatedly, to the electric room, break room, there and back again as if I was never notified by the camera man that the power went out.

And yes, there is static after the gift shop in that hallway, just it never initiated that 'Cutscene' with the oldman telling me the power went out, I could freely just go back and forth in 'Grand 3,4,5 and 6' without that scripted moment happening. It wasn't until I stood still for 10-15 seconds until he told me it went down.

That is crazy, having to stand still made it work?! Very interesting... 

I'll peel back the magic curtain and explain. So when you walk into grand 4, theres an invisible bar that changes its position at the start of the room randomly. Once you walk into the bar it sets off the power outage.  I cant even begin to think why it wouldn't work for you... I've got it programmed now that if you try to access Grand 5 without the event being triggered, it should instead take you to the power outage cutscene as a sort of fail-safe. But man, that's a head-scratcher for sure.

Thank you so much for sticking with it and helping me (hopefully) fix this! I really appreciate it. I hope you still enjoyed the game, save for all the technical difficulties :] 

Oh of course, I have high praise waiting in my video series I'll be releasing slowly :P Well, one theory I'll have is whether or not you'd think that my monitor having a high framerate / hz of 120-144 could be making it so certain frames are skipped? I know many RPGMaker games are 'sped up' or things just get wonky if the code in certain engines, sort of have a failsafe against various computer types that correlate with hz/fps's that are really high. Otherwise, that 'fix' sounds like it should be good, my gameplay, I believe part 2 or 3 when I release it, will show what I did and what happened and didn't happen.


Cool! I look forward to watching your videos! And I think your theory is probably correct. That might also explain why the dialogue boxes can be skipped so quickly. Hopefully this patch coming up addresses and fixes all the problems. Thank you again for your help!

Just wanted to say that I loved the demo, keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed it :D

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